About Us

The HeartSync™ Wellness Leadership Team:

Nancy Philpott, R.N., is the Founder & Chief Transformation Officer for the HeartSync™ Wellness Center in Round Rock, Texas. She has spent 30+ years helping individuals, groups, and organizations formulate winning solutions and achieve successful outcomes. 

Nancy's credentials include: Board Certified Coach with specialties in Executive/ Corporate/Business/Leadership, Health/Wellness, Personal/Life Coaching, Licensed HeartMath™ Coach and 1-on-1 Provider, B.S. Nursing & M.S. Allied Health Education/Healthcare Administration, Certified 5 Path™ Hypnotherapist and 7 Path™ Self-Hypnosis Instructor, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Marriage Educator

She believes the power to dispel fear, eliminate self-defeating habits, seize opportunity, and transform our destiny is waiting within each of us. She is dedicated and passionate about helping others discover how to use the power of their internal resources and emotions to create a passionate, purposeful, powerful life.