What's Triggering Your Smoking Habit?


Your smoking habit involves three distinct components including: a cue/trigger, a routine (smoking) and a reward. One would think that you have the ability to change anyone of the three and eliminate your smoking habit. That’s just not the case.

In order to stop smoking permanently and create a Smoke Free Habit you MUST RECOGNIZE when any fear you have about quitting is hijacking your confidence or commitment and immediately shift to a more empowering emotional state.  Next…replace/change your routine and condition the new routine until it become an unconscious automatic habit that your mind executes automatically. 

I have a list of 21+ Emotional Resilience Power States I recommend you consider adopting if/when that nasty fear saboteur begins to hijack your smoke free success. 

You’ll NEVER be able to get rid of your triggers. You’re hardwired to avoid pain and move toward pleasure or reward so that will never change. We are pleasure/reward seeking individuals. Remember not to forget, your mind already knows how to create and does create automatic habits when you perform routine actions over and over. 

Make sense?

Just for today, begin to notice when you reach for a smoke, if you’re attempting to a avoid pain or seeking pleasure and what triggered that desire.

You'll be surprised what you're going to discover.  

More on how to correctly create your new Smoke Free Habit in the next email. 

All my best-

Nancy Philpott, R.N.
Your Chief Transformation Officer

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