Stop Smoking Success-Have You Programmed Yourself to Succeed or to Fail?

You don’t realize it, but in the next few minutes you will discover a secret that hypnotists around the world have discovered about smokers and why they have such a difficult time quitting.

As every word travels from this page to your brain you’ll start to understand how and why your subconscious mind keeps you locked up in that smoke filled prison you hate so much.

Do me a favor…Take a deep breath….close your eyes… and remember the last time you tried to stop smoking.

Were you excited, thinking positive, and committed to stop no matter what happened?


Were you preparing yourself to fail before you even started?
How did you feel when you weren’t successful?

 Please be really honest with yourself….

 Do you remember what you were telling yourself right before and after you quit?

 Were any of these thoughts running through your mind?

“If I gain any weight at all…I’m going to start smoking...

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What's Triggering Your Smoking Habit?


Your smoking habit involves three distinct components including: a cue/trigger, a routine (smoking) and a reward. One would think that you have the ability to change anyone of the three and eliminate your smoking habit. That’s just not the case.

In order to stop smoking permanently and create a Smoke Free Habit you MUST RECOGNIZE when any fear you have about quitting is hijacking your confidence or commitment and immediately shift to a more empowering emotional state.  Next…replace/change your routine and condition the new routine until it become an unconscious automatic habit that your mind executes automatically. 

I have a list of 21+ Emotional Resilience Power States I recommend you consider adopting if/when that nasty fear saboteur begins to hijack your smoke free success. 

You’ll NEVER be able to get rid of your triggers. You’re hardwired to avoid pain and move toward pleasure or reward so that...

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Do You Know Which One of the Power Forces Is Sabotaging Your Stop Smoking Success?



If you are really committed to stop smoking and create a Smoke Free Habit, then you really need to find out which one of the 4 Power Forces has been sabotaging your stop smoking success. It will help you understand how to tap in and turn off your saboteur and leverage the others to create a smoke free habit.  Oh, and by the way, it isn't your lack of willpower.

The first and MOST IMPORTANT step in creating your Smoke Free Habit is to decide what you want your smoke free life to be like, uncover what you’ll be thinking, saying, and doing as a non-smoker, and then practice conditioning your smoke free identity until living smoke free becomes your automatic response.

It takes approximately 21 days to create a new habit and about four months for the new habit to be unconsciously ingrained as an automatic response. After doing more than 6,000 hypnosis sessions I’m convinced it’s that easy to accomplish. So get ready, the smoke free life you...

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10 Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis Affirmations to Help You to Quit Smoking

As you recover from your smoking habit, it is important to constantly remind yourself of why you quit smoking. An excellent and effective way to do this is to use a form of self-hypnosis. Stop smoking hypnosis can be used at all stages of consciousness. You don’t have to be in a deep trance in order to reinforce your conscious and subconscious desire to quit smoking.

One tool is to create and use affirmations to bolster your confidence. If you feel the urge to smoke again, repeat these affirmations. You might even notice that they send you into a light, calm trance that can be very relaxing as you deal with stressful situations where you might have turned to cigarettes.

If you post these affirmations and mantras around your house, office, and car, it will help by continuously sending these positive messages to your subconscious:

I Love Me Enough to Be Smoke Free

Remember that you chose to quit smoking out of respect for yourself. Take that "lack" that you might feel when you...

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